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crystalboi 2 words : genuine n rlly sweet Favorite track: beauty + the beast.
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lucky friday the 13th, friends!!!

early september 2014 i had an idea for an album called 'hi ANGEL', named after a recent bittersweet online encounter. it started with a list of song names mostly inspired by people i've known, places i've been, vague memories and vibes. since then, the track list has gone through several changes, and plenty of embarrassing recordings have been made, many of which may never see the light of day.

finally, here is a not quite finished album, but rather a package of mostly intentional vibes that may or may not reach you, a sleepy collection of probably weird visions by a probably crazy teenager.

thank you so much and enjoy perhaps, sweet dreams, luv yr chocofriend, a . <3


released November 13, 2015

written and recorded sept 2014 - nov 2015



all rights reserved



sweet dreams

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Track Name: fido's lead
fido worked at the brown dog cafe
dogs playing poker in a cheap plastic frame outside the bathroom
fido worked in the kitchen wearing his ratty plaid beret
he made italian food
chemistry lab-like floors
i would finish my meal but i was too tired
i was so sleepy
i love fido even though he doesn't care
dogs playing pool in a cheap plastic frame
outside the bathroom
Track Name: secret dress up
football player
pc gamer
peanut butter
has a secret
Track Name: sleepover hints
this is where we'll spend the night
blue steed with red eyes
standing guard outside
the egyptian god of death
watches over to protect
the mystery inside.
the sinister lines
engraved and painted inside

2am in an airport
lights out
dual screens on
we're the only souls stirring
or so we think
the glowing eyes don't blink
and as you brush your teeth over the sink
hell breaks loose
hidden treasure underground
high blood pressure
but we're in it to win it
we can't turn

pajamas and slippers
soap in the hallway
i wanna leave but i wanna stay
we might make it out alive today

was it a dream
because those potions weren't right
i'm not sure how i feel tonight
Track Name: fur meet [electronic version]
all the cool kids
all the cool kids at school watch goosebumps
and wear denim jackets
and sketch werewolves and rainclouds
and live in big old houses
in a gray cold part of town
where wet autumn leaves cover the ground
and mud accumulates on the lawn
workshop shed or a jungle basement
put on your body and come outside
feet first then tail then claws then head
wash the stains and make your bed
the sun is low
the sun is low and the moon is high
clouds and stars float above your head in the dark sky
wind blows leaves across the street
and we're about to trick or treat
for our fur meet
Track Name: beauty + the beast
i live in a castle by myself
got no company
candles flicker
clocks turn
maybe you were here last night
Track Name: maisy
maisy my girl
chocolate swirl
i love you more than any girl in the world
we got lost in a cornmaze last fall
the stalks were so high i barely saw you at all
but it was fun
it was fun
even though we hate the sun
it wasn't up for very long

white mouse
blue jeans
yellow house
red seams

my sweet friend, lazy maisy
my sweet friend, chaining daisies
cooking food
comfy mood
great to be kind
never rude

me + you with baseball hats
through the streets
dodging neighborhood cats

we'll never let each other go
falling gently in the snow
we'll never let each other go
falling gently in the snow
Track Name: golf
marching in the rain
mud on my shoes
abandoned golf cart
blue sky
green grass
Track Name: 2,015 ribbons
blind bat walking alone
tempted to throw my phone into a freezing lake
touch screens can wreck my day

my halloween phase is coming back
colorado head of the pack
bent sidewalks and empty swimming pools
let's see who haunts the elementary school

full moon follows me
i've got company
midnight mickey mouse
sorcery at minnie's house

yeah, we're up to something weird
at the playground cozy fear
blank homework the sun's asleep tonight
and it feels like we'll be alright
Track Name: sarcastic cat
you cat
you can be so laid back
you're somewhere else
but i know you care so bad

those nights when you're down for earth
felling the cool breeze in your fur
as you stick your head and arms out the car window
when you're thrilled exhilarated
bout a poet's life, deviated
as crispy leaves blow by
oh i love to see you high my darling

i'm ok if you're ok

i love you baby
you make me crazy
never thought i'd call you baby
yeah i love when you ollie on that skateboard, baby
yeah do another ollie on your skateboard, baby
yeah i love when you ollie on that skateboard, baby
you look so cute in your helmet, baby
yeah do some sweet tricks, baby
Track Name: gooseberry park
at gooseberry park
i stay after dark
i visit as much as i can
we eat dinner in your tree hole home out back

our beautiful family
squirrels, blood-related
sleeping in autumn leaves

bat, you goof, slathered in duck sauce

chocolate lab with a scientist dad
hermit crab
they're so fine to me
but you guys make me feel divine to me
i feel divine to me

we're warm
even in the cold i feel warm
even though it's cold i feel warm
on the coldest day we feel warm