Sincerely Magic

by chocofriendz

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hello pals!!! happy valentines day! here's some silly songs i made up this winter. they are about pools, laundromats, arcade games, the disney store, cubs, mummies, memories, wanting to be different, being free to run around all day, the lion king, etc. it is very personal. you might think i'm crazy. thank you so so much for everything. you're the best, infinite love, your chocofriend, a . <3


released February 14, 2015

dec 2014 - feb 2015

instrumental in beginning of "she" recorded aug 2014

"i just can't wait to be king" contains bits from the song of the
same name by elton john and tim rice

"laundry" samples a bit of "can't wait to be king" from the
lion king sega genesis video game soundtrack

voices in "she", "laundry" and "cubs" taken from "sailor moon
super s the movie: black dream hole"

new album "hi ANGEL" coming later this year



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sweet dreams

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Track Name: backstroke
butterflies in my stomach
when i float through aquatic
staring at the ceiling
water carries my feelings

tiles and blue
nothing to do
just on my back
i don't have a clue
i think i might love you
Track Name: she
sometimes i just wanna be miss'd
when i'm a tigress
i'm a caricature

i wanna hear your announcer voice
pastel roses line the walls

ice cream triple chocolate
in the barn heart shaped locket
brought a box of chocolates
to a family of foxes

sometimes i just wanna be miss'd
when i'm a tigress
i'm a nameless
Track Name: laundry
washing machines
powder bleach
poured all on me
i'm corduroy and palm trees

bag of chips
dispense more change
goonies 2

the laundromat is my favourite place to be
throw away your washing machine
and go here to so your laundry
bury me in dryer sheets
Track Name: cubs
baby animal in a classic cartoon
lions from africa and grizzly bears too
ocelots and desert lynxes
cubs are so cute

in preschool i had a cubby
beautiful cubs for everybody
wrap up me up, i'm a mummy
and i'm gonna show everybody cubs

beautiful cubs for everybody
dress me up like a mummy
beautiful cubs for everybody