by chocofriendz

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just some silly songs.


released July 11, 2014

february-july 2014

"knick knack" is a cover of beat happening (johnson, lewis, lunsford)

thx 4 bein nice



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sweet dreams

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Track Name: apartments
you don't have to cry if you... ash, wait
Track Name: welcome mat
i can get you a glass of water if you're feeling thirsty
we can light a fire and tell each other spooky stories
your house is falling apart and we're ok with that
i left you flowers on the welcome mat
Track Name: whiskers and tail
whiskers and tail
fangs and night vision eyes look up to the sky
mangled fur
howl at the moon
lick off a spoon

vampires can't teach u how 2 luv
new life fits just like a glove
carnivorous herbivore
carcass at the apple core

claws and scales and spiky back
glowing breath
crooked disposition
growing inhibition
Track Name: our home
i don't wanna be myself
i wanna be like someone else
i only do the least i can
can we take a ride in your van and not talk?
not talk at all
not yell? my throat is sore
not bite? my teeth aren't strong
not eat? but not for too long

i imagine myself with a friend
we can walk on a dreary day in a field on a hill far away
we'll observe the milky way and laugh
just laugh it off and yell
my sweater's soft and roll
the grass feels cool and i feel so cool

a house
there's no one else around
it's dark
i hear cricket sounds
let's walk home in the pouring rain
our home is a way's away
but not so much
Track Name: bat story + song
hold on tight
we're going to the underground
say goodnight
with me you're homeward bound

we got lakes filled with toxic waste
we got houses
residential couches

i don't know how long i've been flying
i can't count how many times i've cried
i'm not even sure how many times i've died
looking for a home
Track Name: knick knack (beat happening)
hang up the phone give the dog a bone
Track Name: kendo
(inspired by kendo coyote)

(and lightning bugs in north carolina)